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Monday, 17 April 2017

Septic Tank Bacteria

Septic Tank Bacteria 12 Months Supply

  1. Powder based bacteria / enzyme, easy to use water soluble sachets
  2. Balanced blend nutrients, enzymes, micro-organisms improve performance
  3. Ensures properly functioning septic tanks, treat monthly via toilet
  4. Shelf life 2 years, use 1 sachet per month
Features & Advantages
  • Use Septo Boost in cesspools, cesspits and septic tanks to achieve efficient breakdown of waste material.
  • Helps in maintaining bio-system inside the septic tanks by contributing and promoting the growth of naturally present microorganisms.
  • Select combination of bacteria for effective degeneration of grease, vegetable waste, proteins, fats or soap scum.
  • Eliminates the nuisance of seepage, bad odour, and overflow by removing buildups inside the tank and increasing its capacity to hold more effluent.
  • Rejuvenates soak-away by removing the bio mat/ sludge layer and improving the quality of treated water escaping the field.
  • Better choice over harsh chemicals that harm the environment and are dangerous to handle.
  • Smoothly running drains, no more instances of backups in shower or bath area and basins.
  • Use regularly to prevent, keep away rodents and insects.
How To Use
Initial treatment:
Use 1 sachet each on 1st, 3rd and 6th day of the treatment.
Maintenance treatment:
Use single sachet a month to maintain smoothly running septic tanks.
Application Procedure:
Hydra Septo Boost is simple to use. To get optimum result, apply the product at night when least inflow is expected in the tank. The water soluble sachets of Hydra Septo Boost could be simply dropped in the toilet bowl. Wait for some time, until the cover and powder dissolves. Flush. Septo Boost reaches the tank through pipe work and begins immediate action.
Full instructions on the label.
Hydra Septo Boost is a septic bacterial treatment that helps in maintaining odour free, smooth running drains. The product drastically reduces the instances of sewage backups and overflowing drains. Use in klargester septic tanks, cesspools, septic tanks and cess pits. Septo boost acts upon and liquefies starch, oils, cellulose and grease. The powerful bacterial blend degenerate proteins as well as harmful chemicals that leach into the septic systems through indiscriminate use of household products meant for cleaning.
Water soluble packets of septo boost are convenient to use and can be easily dropped in the toilet bowls, without mess.  Maintains optimum number of powerful friendly microbes in the tank and keeps away blockages or build ups in the pipework.
Try Hydra Septo Boost if all other products with septic tank bacteria have failed to work in your system.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Zoeller Midi (800ltr chamber) 800SW-1U222 - 6m Lift

New to our Zoeller pumping station range is the Midi 800 litre.

Zoeller Midi (800ltr chamber) 800SW-1U222 - 6m Lift
Midi 800 litre Sewage Pumping Station

The Zoeller Midi 800 lite sewage pump station is complete "job ready" product for use in areas where gravity flow is not available. It is used for various drainage applications, with the midi 800 system also used for the transfer of sewage or waste water, all specially designed for easy installation. Optional A-Pak High Water Alarm if required.

Up to 6.0m vertical – up to 80m horizontal

Sewage Pump Station includes:
1 x 1/2 HP "Zoeller" Auto U222 (20,000lph) cast iron 50mm solids sewage pump (up to 6.0m lift)
1 x 1000mm x 1000mm poly moulded basin
1 x 5 ton rated 750mm x 750mm galvanised manhole cover
1 x Quiet non return valve
1 x Lifting chain
1 x Internal 50mm PVC discharge pipe work kit
1 x seal for incoming and outgoing pipework
1 x 12 months warranty

Rated at 1,000,000 Cycles
240v - 3.0amp - UK plug
Power - 0.54 Kw 

Application areas:
•Up To Four Bedroom Properties
•Large Extensions

Approx. running cost = £0.077 (say 8p) for each complete hour of running. Assuming the pump runs for 30 mins ( several On-Offs) each day then annual cost = £14.60.

All our pumping stations comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 752-6:1998 standards. 

•A "High Water Siren Alarm" is recommended to ensure that there is no excess build up in the event of a pump failure.

Zoeller Mini - 185L

The Zoeller Mini Lite domestic sewage pumping station is a complete system for areas where gravity flow is not availiable. Designed for infrequent use. Optional A-Pak High Water Alarm if required.
Zoeller Mini - 185L

Mini Sewage Pumping Station Includes:
  • WU222 Model 50mm solids sewage pump (upto 6m lift)
  • 610mm x 610mm HDPE moulded basin
  • Pedestrian rated cover
  • Non return valve
  • Internal 50mm PVC discharge pipe work Kit
  • seal for incoming and outgoing pipework
  • 12 months warranty
  • Free Shipping (UK Mainland)
240v - 4.4amp - UK plug

Domestic application areas:
•Small extensions
•Small conversions

All our pumping stations comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 752-6:1998 standards.

A "High Water Siren Alarm" is recommended to ensure that there is no excess build up in the event of a pump failure.

SUDS Explained

The Environment Regulators, Environment Agency, England and Wales, SEPA, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland and Department of Environment & Heritage in Northern Ireland, have published guidance on surface water disposal, which offers a range of means of dealing with pollution both at source and at the point of discharge from site (so called ‘end of pipe’ treatment). These techniques are known as ‘Sustainable Drainage Systems’ (suds).

For more information please contact us on the below;
01923 261660

Klargester BioDisc 25 Person

Klargester BioDisc 25 Person
(This unit is EPP2 Certified and conforms to the EN12566-3)
The only treatment plant that utilises the biological contactor (RBC) technology to produce outstanding wastewater treatment results.
For domestic properties with no access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc® gives you a reliable, efficient and Eco safe solution for your sewage disposal needs.
This unit is just the job for properties where discharge is to underground irrigation, or to a local watercourse where approved by the local Regulator, and where a septic system will not meet the standards required.
Certified to European Standard EN 12566 - Part 3 - Annexe B - Performance Tests
In 2005, the Klargester BioDisc® underwent 40 weeks of stringent testing to assess its treatment efficiency as part of Klargester's commitment to meet the new European Standard for small treatment plants.After delivering exceptionally high levels of pollution removal (95%) under varying loads and conditions, the Klargester BioDisc® was awarded its Performance Certificate.
The test report also highlighted the following benefits and advantages of the BioDisc:
•         The Klargester BioDisc® operates without noise or odour.
•         Maintenance requirements are low with good access.
•         No technical or mechanical faults.
•         Low power consumption at 1.3kw/d - approx 10-14 pence per day.
•         Low sludge build up and large storage capacity.
Unique Design

The Klargester BioDisc® is the only packaged sewage treatment plant using Rotating Biological Contactor technology for domestic applications. This process offers low cost and high performance benefits with low carbon emissions.

Assured Performance
Klargester BioDisc® is a very high performance sewage treatment plant that, in standard domestic homes, will produce wastewater qualities of better than 15mg/l BOD*, 25mg/l SS and 15mg/l ammonia.

*Wastewater from sewage treatment plants contains organic materials that are decomposed by microorganisms, which make use of oxygen in the process – the amount of oxygen consumed by these organisms in breaking down the waste is known as the ‘biochemical oxygen demand’ or BOD.
Low Running Costs

Klargester BioDisc® has the lowest operational and maintenance costs of any sewage treatment plant in its field. The single home unit needs a yearly de-sludge only, the motor rating is 50 watts and routine maintenance is minimal.
Low Lifetime Costs
Lowest running costs with the quality of build and strength of the equipment - mainly the drive motor that has a much longer service life than the pumps and compressors fitted to other units - all add up to a lower lifetime cost for the Klargester BioDisc®.
Process Stability
The Klargester BioDisc® is known for its treatment performance. This is further enhanced by Klargester’s Managed Flow System, which ensures great performance by smoothing peak flows and buffering biological loads over the working day.
Subject to relevant authority consent and site conditions, the plant discharge can be to a watercourse or to a drainage field.
Standard Invert Options
Three standard drain invert level alternatives are available from us to match the site topography and where applicable, minimise the invert depth. The Klargester BA, BA-X and BB BioDiscs are available with 450mm, 750mm and 1,250mm inverts
BA, BA-X and BB BioDisc’s can also be fitted with an integrated pump to move wastewater from point of treatment if site levels demand this.

Unit SizeSingle House
Population Equivalent1 house,
up to 4 bedrooms
1 house
up to 7 bedrooms 
Overall Diameter / Width (A) mm19951995
Overall Length (B) mm--
Standard Drain Invert Inlet (C) mm750*750*
Standard Outlet (D) mm835835
Depth from Invert to Base (E) mm14001400
Pipework Diameter (mm)110110
Sludge Storage Period (approx)12 months9 months
Standard Power SupplySingle phaseSingle phase
Motor Rating50W50W
Weight (tonnes) standard units0.3880.418
Unit SizeMultiple Houses
Population Equivalent2 houses
up to 8 bedrooms
3 houses
up to 12 bedrooms
4 houses
15-16 bedrooms
Overall Diameter / Width (A) mm199524502450
Overall Length (B) mm--3340
Standard Drain Invert Inlet (C) mm750*600**600**
Standard Outlet (D) mm835685685
Depth from Invert to Base (E) mm140018201820
Pipework Diameter (mm)110110110
Sludge Storage Period (approx)6 months7 months6 months
Standard Power SupplySingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phase
Motor Rating50W75W75W
Weight (tonnes) standard units0.4180.6501.100
Please call us on 01923 261660 if you need any further advice on invert or pump chocies.

Conder Septic Tank 3000

3,000 Litre Conder MillenniumLow Profile septic tank - Up to 6 persons
The smartest & shallowest septic tank to hit the market to date.

Capacity in litres                                

3,000 litres

1,500 mm


2,420 mm




200 mm as standard - The Millennium Conder Septic tank is supplied complete with a 1 metre neck extension making the invert adjustable between 200mm and 1.2 metres.

 Pre filter drastically prolongs lifespan of drainage field and has an automatic outlet cut off
when cleaning the filter.

  • Low profile design for shallow dig.
  • Durable polyethylene structure.
  • Lockable pedestrian access cover.
  • Variable invert level between 200mm and 1.2 metres.
  • Pre filter prolonging lifespan of drainage field.
  • CE approved and tested to EN12566-1
  • Automatic outlet cut - off when cleaning filter

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Graf Rain Bloc 300

Drainage anti-flooding blocks or Graf Flood Attenuation Bloc with 300 litre capacity for rapid drainage of land. Surface water is diverted or soaks down into weight resistant crates and from there dissipates slowly into the lower ground clearing water quickly from the surface.
This model is HGV load quality and used for drives, car parks, pitches, lawns and areas prone to localised flooding.
The rigid crates are made in black polypropylene (PP) and measure 1200mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 420mm(h) and will hold a maximum capacity of 300 litres gross or a working volume of 285 litres. To build the attenuation system, the blocks are connected together into a matrix.
In areas where water storage is not a consideration, the crates can be  wrapped in a geo-textile to slow the drainage of the water - forming in effect a large soakaway.
Where storage and reuse of the water is preferred, the block matrix is wrapped in a water-proof membrane forming a large underground tank  that can be pumped for other use.
Geo-textile and other membranes are available.
Graf Rain Bloc 300
Easy to install 
The Graf Rain Bloc can be installed in rows or block form, with 1 to a maximum of 10 layers, depending on the local conditions and the desired storage capacity. installing the module is easy, fast and variable. it can be installed without heavy equipment - a Rain Bloc weighs just 15 kg. The individual modules are connected using practical fast connectors.
For larger or trade volumes, please call 01923 261660