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Monday, 29 May 2017

Klargester Spare Parts

Klargester Spare Parts

We specialise in sewage treatment plants, package pump systems, oil separators, grease traps and rainwater harvesting systems.
Whether you have a septic tank, sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting system or pump station, we offer various service plans to provide you with peace of mind that the system will operate and function with the minimum amount of hassle.
We recommend that no matter which brand or model of septic tank or sewage treatment system you have, it is checked and maintained regularly. Preventative maintenance is protecting your investment and your environment to avoid costly septic tank repair bills or even damage to the groundwater or environment. If a tank leaks or is damaged it can cause serious problems with the drainage field not to mention big inconveniences such as not being unable to flush toilets.
Septic Tank Supplies

Klargester BioDisc

Unique Design

The Kingspan Klargester BioDisc® is the only packaged sewage treatment plant utilising Rotating Biological Contractor technology for small domestic applications. This process offers inherent cost and performance benefits with a low carbon footprint.

Assured Performance

BioDisc® is a high performance package treatment plant which, in normal domestic situations, will produce effluent qualities of better than 10mg/l BOD, 15mg/l SS and 3.8mg/l ammonia.

​Features and benefits

  • Lowest running and maintenance costs of sewage treatment models in its class
  • No noise, no odours
  • Suitable for homes with up to 18 people.
  • Low profile covers for minimal visual impact
  • Invert options to match the site
  • Control panel issues an immediate alert when a problem occurs
  • Single phase standard power supply
  • Optional integral pump available
  • Certified to European Standard EN12566-3
  • CE-marked
Klargester BioDisc 6 Person
Klargester BioDisc

Matrix Sewage Treatment Systems

Matrix CLF2 (12pe) treatment plants were chosen by the customer for a 10 plot residential development because they met all of the requirements of the site.

The primary concern was that all the inlet depths were different but C&L Fabrication Ltd are able to manufacture treatment plants to suit required inlet depths to the nearest 5mm, without any penalty on time availability. Of equal importance was the fact that Matrix treatment plants are FULLY certified to BSEN12566-3, including the structural test in groundwater conditions, which few, if any, other manufacturers hold.

Similarly, the customer felt that the ease of installation of the Matrix treatment plant plus the extremely economical ongoing running and maintenance costs would be a long term benefit.


If you require a special invert depth please call our sales team on 01923 261660 or email

Clenviro Ltd Installation


Holker Estates, owner of a large caravan park in Cumbria, awarded Clenviro Ltd the contract to design, manufacture and supply two Matrix sewage treatment systems to ultimately serve up to 1200 guests.
The systems had to be designed to achieve much lower than normal ammonia levels, to comply with EA permit requirements.

In awarding the contract to Clenviro Ltd, Holker Estates considered not only the capital cost of the systems but also the speed and cost efficiency of the installation in comparison to other systems and the minimal aesthetic impact of the final installation of the Matrix system.

The first system to serve approximately 750 guests has been supplied and installed by a local contractor, with the second system scheduled to be installed later in the year.

For more information please call our team on 01923 261660 or email

Klargester's Newest Sewage Treatment Plant Now Available

New commercial sewage treatment plant from Kingspan Klargester

Kingspan Klargester have been investing in its commercial range and along with the recent Biodisc BM, are happy to introduce the new BioFicient sewage treatment plant for commercial applications.
In a standard configuration, the Bioficient Commercial will deliver BOD levels of less than 20mg/l, 30mg/l Suspended Solids, and Ammonia levels lower than 5mg/l. This means it will outperform most of the packaged systems currently on the market for nitrogen reduction.
The Bioficient is also a highly adaptable solution that can manage a range of influent and effluent qualities, depending on the situation requirements. The system may be configured to enable treatment to almost any consent level levied by the regulators.
The BioFicient is designed in accordance with BS EN 12255 and ideal for large domestic and commercial applications such as camp sites, hotels or industrial units. It is shipped as a single piece tank up to 300PE with modular systems available for up to 1000 PE.
How Bioficient Commercial Works
Bioficient Commerical delivers superior effluent quality thanks to its three-stage process, featuring an innovative plug flow aerobic process in a fluidised bed arrangement. This operates in conjunction with an advanced system of air diffusers and media to deliver optimum levels of purification.
Bioficient features three phases to ensure efficient operation. The first stage is a settlement phase where the coarse solids are retained for subsequent gradual breakdown. The biological phase removes carbonaceous pollutants by presenting the sewage to micro-organisms in the presence of oxygen. High efficiency air diffusers continually pump oxygen through the biological media and fluidised effluent. The by-product of biological treatment, humus sludge, is re-cycled for further treatment.
An innovative flow management system stabilises influent volume variations and minimises hydraulic impact on the final settlement process.
All these control procedures ensure that the final effluent remains at a consistently high quality.
Changes to the Bioficient Commercial
The improvements that have been introduced with the rebranding include:
  • GRP inspection covers for increased corrosion protection.
  • Vent pipes added to every neck to allow better ventilation and air-flow.
  • Necks on each side of the primary settlement tank to allow for better inspection and easier de-sludging.
  • Biozones are now very similar in volume to aid maintenance.
  • Inlet pipe has a rodding point inside the neck for easier access.
  • A more efficient blower means less power consumption.
  • More airflow to diffusers to improve process.
  • Stainless-steel diffusers to avoid corrosion.
  • Other Made To Order options are available.
Other Benefits
Furthermore, the design allows the system to be installed in both pedestrian- and traffic-loading areas ensuring flexibility to installers and minimal land-take (subject to civil design and covers fitted).
Our technical specialists and engineers are able to assess each site’s demands and tailor the specification accordingly. Plant sizing is calculated not only on current demand but also on potential future loading to meet the latest legislative criteria.
For more information or if you require sizing and Prices please contact our team on 01923 261660 or email

Pump Your Waste with Kingspan Klargester

If your project is among the 1.5 million homes and properties in the UK that cannot connect to the main sewer, what should you do?
First, the 2010 Building Regulations recommends that a site visit is carried out by a suitably qualified expert before the preferred treatment option is decided upon. Kingspan Klargester product experts will provide that service totally free of charge.  And it’ll be well worth it.  Get it wrong and the owner of the property could be faced with the unwholesome prospect of over-flowing toilets and blocked drains.  It also leaves both them and builder at risk of prosecution under The Public Health Act 1936, and the prospect of a heavy fine.
Although many would assume that a septic tank or sewage treatment plant would automatically be required, UK building regulations stipulate that whenever possible a house must be connected to the main sewer – which is why pump stations are still the most commonly specified solutions for off-mains drainage in this country.
Pump stations are fairly complex systems and they must be properly sized – too small, and the pump won’t be able to offer the requisite storage.  Both British Standards BS EN752 and Building Regulations for Foul Drainage, with a mandatory capacity to hold waste for 24 hours to protect the property should power supplies fail. Furthermore, the pump must be specified correctly to suit the site conditions and its particular application.
Klargester Range Of Pumping Stations
Call our team of product experts at the building design stage and they will determine the right location for the pumping station and calculate what’s needed, considering factors such as:
  • the height and distance to the main sewer if pumping directly to it
  • the depth of the incoming drain
  • the type of liquid that needs to be pumped and
  • the type and number of users
It would be poor economy to base your figures on “best estimates”, especially on small sites. Even small misjudgements can result in a pumping station which is under-powered and therefore unable to do the job properly.
You can ask the team for guidance whatever the size and scale of your project – from a single home to a multi-million pound industrial development.  And you’ll have access to high quality, reliable pump stations, all designed and factory-manufactured off-site before being delivered to site, ready to install.

If you require a pump station sizing call our team on 01923 261660 or email

Compliant fuel and oil separators from Kingspan Klargester

All manner of projects, both large and small, are required to maintain compliance with all environmental rules and regulations concerning property drainage. As an aspect of compliance, it is essential that the appropriate separators are deployed in order to meet or exceed the drainage demand but to also comply with the ongoing project demands such as cost and time. Kingspan Klargester offers a wide range of fully compliant Fuel and Oil Separators that meet environmental regulations and when combined with our experienced product experts, we can help select the right solution that provides value for you and your project.
Klargester Separators
Separator Requirements
The determination for use of a fuel and oil separator is based on the specific application of the property and not necessarily on size. Combined guidelines from the Environment Agency of England and Wales, The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the Environment and Heritage Service of Northern Ireland specify when fuel and oil separators are required. These are:
  • Car Parks, for more than 50 vehicles or 800m2.
  • Car Parks of any size in a sensitive environment.
  • Any location where good transport is parked or maneuvered.
  • Maintenance areas.
  • Roads or Motorways.
  • Sites where oil is used or stored.
  • Refueling facilities.
  • Any location at risk of contamination from oil or fuel.
Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separator Types
There are three types of Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separators for consideration. The first type is the full retention separator that is designed to manage the complete flow of drainage from the site or a flow rate of 65mm/hr, under standard conditions. The second type are Bypass Separators and these manage a flow rate up to 6.5mm/hr and if the flow exceeds this limit, the flow bypasses the separator system. The last type of separator is the Forecourt Separator. This type of separator is designed for installation in petrol filing station forecourts and similar applications. Forecourt separators can contain a spillage up to 7,600L.
Getting The Right Separator
Naturally, to provide the optimal separator, some factors require consideration. Our separator designs are based on non-impeded flows from external pipework, therefore, the factors to be considered are;
  • Calculated flow rate for the area drained.
  • The necessary discharge standard.
  • Drain invert inlet depth
  • All necessary pipework, type, size, and orientation.
Kingspan Klargester has a highly specialized team of experts that can assist you in procuring the right fuel and oil separator for your project. We also offer a free site inspection and analysis that can further assist you in selecting the right separator, if needed. Our team of site specialists and product experts have generations of combined experience in all sizes of projects.
Meeting High Standards
All Kingspan Klargester Fuel and Oil Separators correspond to British and European standards as set forth in EN 858-1 and 858-2. In fact, Kingspan Klargester was the first to be certified to EN 858-1 for a range of separators.
The features of Kingspan Klargester Separators are:
  • Lightweight
  • Easily installed
  • Have fitted inlet/outlet connections
  • Have Vent points and necks
  • Include slit storage volume
In addition to these features, depending on the type and model, they can also include alarm systems, extended access shafts, ground level maintenance, and appropriate covers.
For more information or if you require a separator please call our office on 01923 261660 or email