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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Clearwater's Number One Supplier

Here at Septic Tank Supplies we are proud to announce we have been informed we are the Number One supplier of Clearwater products in the United Kingdom!

We offer a range of Clearwater systems from Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants, Rainwater Harvesters & Sewage/Effluent Pump Stations.

We have become Clearwater's Number One supplier due to are exceptional prices, advice and knowledge of off mains drainage systems and regulations.

Kingspan Water Rainstore

Rainstore 700 Litre Garden Irrigation Tank & Pump
Up to 70 Full Watering Cans of Water
RSP700 in Granite
Height 978mm x Length 1550mm x Width 650mm Standard
Domestic rainwater storage tank and pump for medium sized gardens.
Tap, diverter kit and hoselock submersible pump with standard hoselock connection fittings.
Garden irrigation, small vehicle washing and patio washdowns

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant to Service TV’s Most Famous Farm

The location for ITV’s hugely popular soap Emmerdale has had a Kingspan Klargester sewage treatment plant installed to service the expanding set and studios.
We made a number of visits to the site near Wetherby in Yorkshire to offer expert advice on their off-mains drainage requirements. The location had been serviced very successfully for many years by a Klargester Biodisc but further development of the site meant there was a need for greater treatment plant capacity.
After discussions with the architects and the site operators Rob recommended replacement of the Biodisc with a new Envirosafe HEQ sewage treatment plant, to serve the needs of 150 people, including film crew and actors.

Klargester Ezy Drain

The labour-intensive, costly and time-consuming activity of installing traditional herring-bone drainage soakaways for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants could now be a thing of the past.
Ezy-Drain, which has just been launched in the UK by Klargester, is a new type of pipe system that is lightweight, easy to use, high-performance and environmentally friendly.
The system was developed in the USA more than 20 years ago and, since then, more than 200,000 have been successfully installed across North America*.
Ezy-Drain comprises of sections of perforated plastic pipe, which are surrounded by a synthetic aggregate wrapped in polyethylene netting. Each three-metre section of pipe is joined together quite simply by the use of click-fit connectors, protected by a preformed collar.
The result is an extremely lightweight system that can be quickly installed by a single person up to four times faster than any time-honoured, gravel-based solution without the need for aggregate or specialist skills. The only manual labour involved is the backfilling of the trenches prior to operation.
The synthetic aggregate is manufactured from recycled expanded polystyrene, engineered to deliver for optimum performance while consistently retaining its form.
'There are so many advantages to using this tried-and-tested system over traditional gravel-filled soakaways that it's quite hard to know where to start,' says Kevin Roe, UK Sales Manager for Klargester.
'The storage and flow characteristics of the synthetic aggregate mean it's more effective at treating effluent and there's less chance of it getting clogged up.
'The cost of installation is also vastly reduced thanks not only to the speed of installation, but also because of the need for only one operative and minimal plant. There's no waiting around on site for a delivery of materials, and there's no issue with access for delivery lorries.
'What's more, in terms of environmental impact, the use of recycled waste materials makes Ezy-Drain a very sustainable solution.'


Clearwater Sigma Shallow Septic Tank - 2,800l
Clearwater Sigma Shallow Septic Tank - 2,800l
Clearwater Sigma Shallow Septic Tank - 2,800l
Clearwater Sigma Shallow Septic Tank - 2,800l
Clearwater Sigma Shallow Septic Tank - 2,800l
Features & Benefits
  • Pea gravel backfill for dry sites
  • EN 12566-1 approved
  • Installation in hard rock areas where deep digs are not possible
  • 30mm between inlet and outlet
  • 0.5 and 1m neck extensions available for deeper installations
The Clearwater Sigma is a stock item and is typically be available within 3 working days to any site In the UK


Sir Philip Dilley has been confirmed as the new Chairman of the Environment Agency and will take up the post on 8 September 2014.
Sir Philip Dilley, new Environment Agency Chairman
Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said:
“This is a vital role which carries major responsibilities. I am delighted to have confirmed Sir Philip Dilley as Chairman of the Environment Agency and I look forward to him bringing his leadership, experience and gravitas to the Board.”
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee published a report approving the appointment of Sir Philip Dilley as the new Chair of the Environment Agency.
The recruitment was carried out in accordance with the ‘Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies’ published by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. The panel overseeing the recruitment was chaired by an Assessor appointed by the Commissioner. The Commissioner is independent of government and his role is to ensure that the best people get appointed to public bodies based on merit.


Clearwater engineers have recently completed the design and testing process of their next generation shallow dig septic tank range, which will drastically reduce installation costs by up to as much as 50% of an ordinary septic tank.
The Clearwater Sigma septic tank will drastically reduce the time and cost of a septic tank installation.
Features & Benefits
  • Pea gravel backfill for dry sites
  • EN 12566-1 approved
  • Installation in hard rock areas where deep digs are not possible
  • 30mm between inlet and outlet
  • 0.5 and 1m neck extensions available for deeper installations
The Clearwater Sigma is a stock item and is typically be available within 3 working days to any site In the UK

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Klargester Sewage & Effluent Pump Stations 750 Litres

The Klargester 750 litre pumpstation is suitable for up to 5 people
A pump station is a chamber housing an internal electric pump/s. They are designed to move water or sewage uphill and/or over a long distance, where the gravity of the drainage runs is insufficient to provide the appropriate flow rate.
There are different types of pump stations, the main being used for;
• Domestic sewage pumping
• Commercial sewage pumping
• Effluent (waste water with no solids)
• Surface water

The Klargester pump station chambers come in many different sizes depending on the required storage capacity. All domestic pump stations used for sewage must house minimum 24 hours storage, this is in case of a fault with the pump or a power cut where there is no electricity feeding the pump(s).
• Complete package systems delivered direct to site
• Ready for immediate and simple installation
• Factory built and quality assured
• Maintenance free GRP and polyethylene chambers
• High-level alarm fitted as standard
• Full Klargester after sales maintenance available
• All Klargester products are manufactured under the quality procedures of BS ISO 9001: 2000
All standard Klargester package pump systems are supplied with;
• GRP/polyethylene chambers
• Pump(s)
• High-level alarm
• Pre-set automatic level control
•  Non-return valve
• Discharge pipe and all connections.
• Wide range of emergency overflow tanks
• 110mm or 160mm inlet connections
• Various invert depths
• Standby replacement pumps
Bespoke Systems;
Klargester manufactures pumping chambers of various diameter and depths, with pumps, guide rails and control equipment fitted as per the client’s specification. Please contact us direct and we will be pleased to quote against your specific requirements.
Please call us on 01923 261660 if you need a pump station sizing

Friday, 18 July 2014

C & L Fabrication Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant

MATRIX sewage treatment systems are designed to optimise process efficiency, minimise running and maintenance costs and to be as simple and cost effective as possible to install.
The MATRIX sewage treatment system is designed to achieve the minimum required effluent quality standard of 20mg/litre (BOD) : 30mg/litre (SS) : 20mg/litre Ammoniacal 
The certified performance of the MATRIX system is that it produces an average final effluent quality of 11mg/litre (BOD) : 16mg/litre (SS) and 7mg/litre Ammoniacal.
This relates to an average efficiency ratio of 96.2%, better than most other manufacturers. As part of the test procedure the MATRIX system was proven to have one of the lowest operating costs.
All Matrix sewage treatment plants have a standard inlet invert depth, but in keeping with our commitment to customer satisfaction and to keep installation simple, we can manufacture matrix units to specifically meet site requirements. Integral pumped discharges can also be provided with all units, eliminating the need for additional tankage and installation costs.
All Matrix systems are complete with failure alarms as standard (as required by BSEN12566-3) and are not, as with some other companies in this industry which will usually set you back on average over £100.
The MATRIX treatment system is a three stage biological process contained within a single tank structure, based on the principles of a submerged bed reactor and designed in accordance with the requirements of BS6297. Careful configuration of the internal flowpath and the inclusion of non-mechanical recirculation systems ensures optimal process performance as demonstrated by the exceptional results obtained from the independent testing, providing complete peace of mind. There are NO electrical or mechanical components within the Matrix treatment plant thereby eliminating the need for any specialist servicing arrangements ensuring that any maintenance requirements on the MATRIX system are kept to an absolute minimum.
Benfits Of The Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Free nationwide site surveys and technical proposal with no obligation.
  • Full technical back up and customer service support.
  • Nationwide network of service engineers.
  • Supply only or full supply and installation through certified installers.
  • Single tank installation to minimize costs.
  • Failure alarm systems as standard, not at additional cost.
  • GSM telemetry dial out alarm units available at small additional cost.
  • No mechanical or electrical parts within the unit.
  • Robust Polypropylene construction for easy and cost effective installation.
  • No visual intrusion. Flat, flush ground level covers suitable for 1 tonne load.
  • Simple installation in vehicular areas, up to D400 loading.
  • Low running and maintenance costs.
  • Integral discharge pumps where required (all models) no additional tank.
  • Deep inlet inverts available to avoid pumping crude sewage to plant.

We aim NEVER to be beaten online for price! Call us for our latest special offers!
​Free delivery to England & Wales

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sewage Pumping Stations

If the main sewer is accessible but at a higher level to (or some distance from) the domestic foul drain, then a domestic sewage pump set may be used to pump unsettled sewage directly to the main.
Whilst single pump units are acceptable for individual houses, it is recommended that twin pumping systems be used for multiple dwellings.
A septic tank or treatment system pump set can be used to disperse settled effluent when a site has a high water table or adverse invert levels. Installed after the septic tank or treatment system and pumping settled effluent up to an inspection chamber, flow to the drainage system then takes place by gravity in the normal way.

Surface Water Pump sets
Due to the amount of rainwater that can fall in a short time period, Surface water run-off is often the most demanding of all applications, whether hard-standing or roof areas.
We offer a comprehensive range of packaged pump systems in both standard form or manufactured to bespoke specifications. Careful calculation of the run-off areas is essential when sizing these pump systems. 

Key Points
Firstly, don’t worry too much on sizing your pump station, all we need from you is information on key factors such as:
  • Application: e.g., domestic residential /commercial
  • Sewage, effluent or surface water?
  • Inlet depth (below ground level)
  • Pumping distance and lift
  • Electrical supply
At Septic Tank Supplies we offer a range of Sewage and surface water pump stations to suit all applications from small domestic or out buildings to large commercial sites.
We supply pumping stations from the of the UK's biggest manufactures;

Simply give us a call on 01923 261660  or send us an email - with your enquiry and site information and we will be able to size the correct pump station for your application.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Welcome to Septic Tank Supplies

Welcome to Septic Tank Supplies
Septic Tank Supplies are the largest independent suppliers of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants & waste water systems in the United Kingdom & are a preferred supplier for a number of key manufacturers such as; Klargester, Clearwater, Conder, WPL, Zoeller & Matrix
We are committed to offering the lowest-priced off mains drainage products on the market, be it a sewage pump station, septic tank or a sewage treatment plant, we are determined to make sure you are getting the best deal there is. We strive to make sure our prices are the most competitive, but if one slips the net and you find a cheaper price elsewhere we guarantee to match it* or even beat it where possible!
So if you require a price, sizing or advice call us on 01923 261660

World Cup Competition Time!!

Its Competition Time at Septic Tank Supplies to celebrate the end of the World Cup

We are offering £100 off to the first customer to order any Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant once the World Cup has finished.

Just call our friendly sales team and be the first to order a Matrix sewage treatment plant & quote the winner of the World Cup and you will be discounted with £100 off the total price on any sized Matrix sewage treatment plant.

For more information on the Matrix range of sewage treatment plants from C & L Fabrication check out our website

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Klargester Spare Parts

Klargester Spare Parts

We specialise in sewage treatment plants, package pump systems, oil separators, grease traps and rainwater harvesting systems.
Whether you have a septic tank, sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting system or pump station, we offer various service plans to provide you with peace of mind that the system will operate and function with the minimum amount of hassle.
We recommend that no matter which brand or model of septic tank or sewage treatment system you have, it is checked and maintained regularly. Preventative maintenance is protecting your investment and your environment to avoid costly septic tank repair bills or even damage to the groundwater or environment. If a tank leaks or is damaged it can cause serious problems with the drainage field not to mention big inconveniences such as not being unable to flush toilets.

Domestic Tanks
Klargester Biotec & BioDisc Spare's

Monday, 7 July 2014

Harvest Rainwater to Help the Environment

Rainwater harvesting can be an incredibly good idea, especially in Britain, where we have such a changeable climate. With plenty of wet days, the opportunity of collecting water to reuse is both rewarding and cost effective. 

So why is it important that we all try and collect rain and storm water?

Let’s go back to basics - we get a lot of storm water in Britain. This can pick up rubbish, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants and flow into a storm sewer system or directly to lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands and coastal waters. Everything that enters the storm sewer system is left untreated and discharged into the water bodies we use for swimming, fishing and for drinking water.

During a period of heavy rainfall in urban areas, the surfaces of streets, pavements and roofs collect excess rainwater, causing environmental problems. The flow of water and dissolved contaminants range from chemicals applied to lawns, organic animal waste and metal waste from copper, nickel and zinc roofs and cars, which are deposited in nearby rivers and streams of water. This happens because the building materials we use in today’s society doesn't allow for storm water to permeate through the ground in built up areas.

The runoff of contaminated storm water can have many adverse effects on plants, fish, animals and people, such as:
 · Sediment can cloud the water and makes it difficult or impossible the growth of aquatic plants. Sediment can also destroy aquatic habitats.
 · Excess nutrients can cause algae blooms. When the algae die, they sink to the bottom and decompose in a process that removes oxygen from the water. Fish and other aquatic organisms cannot exist in water with low dissolved oxygen levels. 
· Bacteria and other pathogens can reach swimming areas and create health hazards, often making beach closures necessary. 
· Rubbish such as plastic bags, bottles and cigarette butts that reach water bodies can choke, suffocate or disable aquatic species like ducks, fish, turtles and birds.
· Household hazardous wastes like insecticides, pesticides, paint, solvents and other vehicle fluids can poison aquatic life. Land animals and people can become sick or die from eating diseased fish and shellfish or ingesting polluted water.
· Polluted storm water frequently affects drinking water sources. This in turn can affect human health and increase the costs of drinking water treatment.

By harvesting rainwater in water butts, we help to allay some of these effects and can also reuse this water supply as and when we need it. Not only that, but you can help the water supply in times of drought, because you would have stocked up and also save some money on your water bills too! 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

NEW Tricel VENTO Shallow Septic Tank

The Tricel Epurbloc has gone under a name change and is now called the Tricel Vento.

The Tricel Vento is exactly the same as the Tricel Epurbloc but now comes in three new sizes;

  • Tricel Vento 6 person - 3,000l
  • Tricel Vento 12 person - 4,000l
  • Tricel Vento 20 person - 5,000

The Epurbloc/Vento P6 Super Low Profile from Tricel is the new super low shallow septic tank to hit the market.
Epurbloc/Vento P6 is so small in size it can be easily installed with just a mini digger and dropped into place.
Key Benefits;
  • Reinforced ribs allows the Epurbloc/Vento to be installed in a granular backfill
  • Advanced Eco Medium Filter prevents blockages from occurring
  • Overall depth only 1.4m
  • EN12566-1 European certified
  • Transportable by van or transit due to size and durability
  • Speedy delivery with 2 day lead time*
  • Height - 1.4m
  • Length - 2.7m
  • Width - 1.1m
Manhole extensions for deeper installations or sloping sites are available and are simply screwed onto the lid. Up to 3 extension pieces maybe used.
A pair of 180mm riser pieces are priced at £35
Delivery prices may very depending on site location - please call us on 01923 261660